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"The Lookout"
(20" x 29")
"The Lookout refers to a place and the individual that should be manning his post.  The Lookout was strategically erected on the outskirts of the village using locally gathered natural materials.  Its purpose is to warn the village inhabitants of any impending threats to their well being.  But something has happened to the Lookout. Is the village now in jeopardy?"
This piece uses 3 dimensional elements (pillars, beam, scattered wood) which project outward from the background, 2 dimensional perspective elements (lookout, ladder) and one transitional 3 dimensional to 2 dimensional perspective element (roof of the lookout)  to draw the viewer into the scene.  The piece is made from quilted maple, walnut crotch, zebrawood, sliced driftwood, sagebrush and aniline dye.  Finish is a semigloss lacquer.  Framed in a black dyed shadow box wooden frame.