Shinn Custom Woodworks Pricing policy:
If low price is your top selection criteria you will not be interested in my furniture or other legitimate custom / studio furniture. All of my creations are custom designed and built one at a time for clients that are looking for exceptional quality in both artistic design and construction. I have over 25 years in furniture design and crafting plus a fully equipped shop. I strive to keep the shop running, pay my bills, invest in inventory, market my products and at the end of the day make a small profit. None of this comes cheaply. As a general rule you can expect to pay at least double the price of mass produced furniture. For highly intricate designs cost will be higher. I realize that my custom furniture and wood art is not for the masses. It will not show up in your neighborhood furniture store next to the off shore products. If you appreciate quality and uniqueness and can afford to invest in custom work, please contact me.  I will always strive to give my customers the highest quality, exceptional service and the best value for their custom furniture investment.
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Uniquely Designed Custom  Furniture   Bruce R Shinn, Designer & Craftsman, Plains, Montana USA   (406) 826-5935
Most of my furniture is commissioned or done for a gallery placement but for a point of reference here is a sample of what some pieces sell for: custom fly tying desks start at $2,650; benches & foyer tables run $1,600 and up; custom built desks $2,500-$10,000; most other pieces will be at least $2,000.
Thank you for your interest.  Bruce R Shinn, Designer & Craftsman