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Natural Edge Burl Slab Furniture
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Whether you're seeking rustic elegance for a log home, or contemporary style for a city townhouse, these desks will be a sensational center piece of your home.

Each natural edge furniture piece is unique, no two are  the same.
By designing around the unique characteristics of each burl and incorporating  my client's wishes, I am able to create natural edge burl furniture that are truly one of a kind showpieces for your home or office.
I was fortunate to find this rare and incredibly beautiful live edge redwood burl slab.  This piece has been called "black redwood" or "beach burl" and has a very unique story behind it.  I'm currently looking for the right project  to collaborate on a design for it's use.  Call me to discuss.
These beautiful, highly figured burl desk tops are salvaged from dead old growth stumps that can be over 100 years old. No live trees were cut to produce them.  These burls are rare, difficult to find and will never be seen again once they all have been salvaged.
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