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Currently Available Burl Slabs
This incredible slab, called a "black redwood burl" or "beach burl", is a very rare piece that was found along a river delta in the redwood growing region of Northern California.  They are extremely rare because of their unique history.  Back 100 years ago the unwanted burls and stumps were occasionally pushed into a river as a way to get rid of them.  They have spent 100 years in the rivers or the ocean until finally getting washed up on shore.  Over the years of bouncing around the river bottoms or being washed out to sea they have slowly absorbed  some of the minerals in the water.  The minerals in these burls have done an amazing job of staining and darkening them to a rich hue.  The color and burl characteristics of these burls are very unique and out of this world.  I have several ideas for using this slab in furniture and will only consider the most artistic and unique design for its use.
Possible uses for this burl include but are not limited to, commercial entry table, corporate reception area, hotel lobby table, eclectic bar, dining table, executive desk, room divider or wall sculpture.  This  will be a high end piece with a corresponding price point.  Cost estimates are $10,000 - $50,000.  Installation may be available.  More pictures and design ideas are available.  Call to discuss.
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