Custom Secretarial Desk Designed by
Shinn Custom Woodworks


Contemporary Secretarial Desk
34"(w) x 44"(h) x 16"(d)
Outside - Black limba and Bloodwood;  Inside - Movingui
There are very few straight lines in this piece.  From the curvature of the closed desk and the way it opens both upward and downward to the concave interior pigeon holes, the lines on this design were intended to express fluid motion.  I wanted a surprise and a brightness upon opening the desk;  something that the closed desk would not reveal.  The interior needed to be very vibrant and light;  my choice - movingui from West Africa.
Featured at the Montana Fine Arts & Crafts Invitational at the Hockaday Center for the Arts, Kalispell, MT.  Currently available

The opened top provides for stationary storage

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Custom Designed Fine Furniture by
Shinn Custom Woodworks
Bruce R Shinn, Designer & Craftsman, Plains, Montana USA