This desk has two distinct work areas (a his & hers).  At over 10 feet in length it is the centerpiece to an executive home office in Wyoming.
The desk features curved pedestal columns, trimmed in black walnut and a curved front privacy panel.
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Where do my burls come from?

Back in the late 1800's and early 1900's when a majority of the largest Redwoods were harvested, the loggers stood on spring boards sometimes ten to twelve feet off of the ground. This was done to place their saw cut high because the mills only wanted straight-grained Redwood. The bottoms of the trees had too much curl in them to be structurally sound for making lumber. Today this wood is a highly prized commodity, as it is this curl and/or burl which gives the Redwood it's character.

Today, 100 years later,  some of these outlying areas are being cleared to make way for new homes and roads. Crews will go into these areas with chain saws and excuvators to remove these stumps and burls.  They are then hauled to a specialty mill which will cut them into slabs and other usable products.

When I get the slabs to my shop I will measure moisture content and evaluate for trimming and design characteristics.  The burls will then be set aside to air dry, which can take 2 - 6 months depending on starting moisture content.  When the burls reach the desired moisture level they can then be crafted into a unique piece of furniture.

In creating natural edge furniture I work closely with my customers to ensure that the custom piece they are purchasing from me fulfills there needs.  We will discuss room spacing, architectural style, design needs, functionality,  any assembly and maintenance.  My design becomes a collaboration with you to create a beautiful addition to your home.
Featured Natural Edge Burl Slab Furniture
Currently resides in Wheatland, Wyoming. 
Thank you Rick & Coventry
'Her' side features  integrated custom walnut pulls, file drawer, top drawer and keyboard pullout .
This natural edge redwood burl desk was designed around the free form shape of this highly figured burl slab. It measures approximately 80" x 42" x 30". The open desk design features three curved pedestal legs with black walnut bases and trim.
Each highly figured pedestal support is built up from multiple layers around a ridged skeleton frame and is extremely strong.  In design they are very similar  to an airplane wing.
'His' side has a custom integrated walnut pull, a small drawer and a display shelf.
The dovetailed pencil drawer is integrated into the curved redwood burl desk top apron which supports this highly figured burl.
Where do burls come from?
Currently resides in Indianapolis, IN.  Thank you Dorinda
This desk features a lighter colored enclosed quilted maple base.  The front privacy panel has a cascading redwood burl design.
The enclosed support base that conseals the client's equipment is curved to follow the shape of the highly figured burl top.  Behind the cabinet door is a full extension printer pull out and a dovetailed storage drawer.
Very clean lines are the focal point in this open two pedestal design.
Currently resides in Simpsonville, SC.  Thank you Mellisa and David
Currently resides in Monroe, MI.  Thank you Vince
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